The Top Ten Sought-After Wedding Photographers of 2012

by Rangefinder Staff

Ryan Ray

December 05, 2012

Ryan Ray 

“Ryan Ray has had a breakout year, and we are so delighted and grateful to have had his work gracing our  2012 cover! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more talented guy.”
—Emily Thomas, Creative Director, Southern Weddings Magazine 

Elizabeth Messina

“A name mentioned repeatedly this year, not only because of her 2012 book, The Luminous Portrait, but also because of her dinstinctive style. We admire Elizabeth Messina, because she has pioneered a whole genre of romantic, natural light portraits and details.”   
—Christy Weber, Executive Editor,

Davina + Daniel

“Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish seem like they’re too fun to be seriously phenomenal photographers, and too young to have the distinguished careers that they have, but they are and they do. This incredibly talented award-winning team delights discerning couples from around the world and impresses editors and photo curators everywhere. Just check out their portfolio and blog where you’ll find hundreds of gorgeous, hilarious, tear-jerking images.”  —Blair deLaubenfels, Co-founder,

Heidi Murphy

White Loft Studio

“I love Heidi’s shots because they feel so candid, yet they’re brimming with details—this one (above, left) showcases the bride’s dress beautifully as well as her bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. Plus, they both look so happy. It’s just a lovely image all around. I publish absolutely every submission she sends me, and I’m also usually begging her for more.” —Sarah Darcy, Editor of Classic Bride Blog

Christian Oth

“I love the details Christian captures. It’s all the little things, those stolen moments that often go unnoticed, that make his work so wonderful.” 

                                                                                 —Lauren DeCarlo, Editor, New York Weddings

Brian Dorsey

“Brian is really great at getting those shots that are so perfect, yet unstaged and natural. They’re the photos you actually want to frame and look at every day. You can sense what everyone is feeling in that moment.” 

                                                                                  —Lauren DeCarlo, Editor, New York Weddings

Ryan Brenizer

“Celebrated wedding photographer, photojournalist, author and educator, Ryan Brenizer works tirelessly to create images that are rich in meaning and expertly captured. Revealing overwhelming moments filled with joy and tears, as well as subtle, intimate connections, Brenizer’s fine-art images speak volumes about what’s most important in the lives of the people he photographs. Clearly image-obsessed, but not obsessed with his own image, he’s a regular contributor to where he generously shares his expertise with up and coming photographers. Brenizer lives in New York and travels the world capturing moments and memories like no else can.” —Blair deLaubenfels, Co-founder,

Patricia Kantzos

“Patricia’s work is always flawless and she has a unique eye for capturing details. I love this shot (above) because it captures an incredibly sweet detail that is both unexpected and candid. She transforms the standard bridal shot by capturing the sweet flower girl dreamily looking on at the bride. I find it so darling.” 

Sarah Darcy, Editor, Classic Bride Blog

Jose Villa

“Jose Villa remains one of the most humble artists I’ve ever met. He continues to choose projects that make his heart soar and that translates to his work. My rule: if you’re not excited about it, no one will be. Following your innate passion as an artist will always lead you to produce your most authentic work. There are so many phenomenal photographers, but Jose’s work continues to evolve and be sought-after.” 

—Lara Casey, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Weddings Magazine 

Ben And Erin Chrisman

“Creating lushly-saturated color photos and rich black-and-whites that are sensational, surprising, and downright sexy, Ben and Erin Chrisman are masters at revealing moments in a unique way that set trends in wedding photography. Living in the San Francisco Bay area, they spend most of their time traveling to photograph weddings for couples that seek them out for their renowned artistry, and generously teaching other photographers how to raise the bar with their own work.”
—Blair deLaubenfels, Co-founder,

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