What's In Your Bag, Lisa Saad?

by Lisa Saad

March 29, 2016

Photography is my calling, my profession and all I have ever wanted to do since stumbling upon an old camera in a pile of rubbish when I was six. For the next 40 years I shot, developed, imagined, pondered, created and retouched, won some awards, joined some associations, jumped into the water, built a vast studio, shot film, found love, got married and shot some more.

My Go-To Gear:
•    Tripod, 190XPROB
•    Tripod, 190XB
•    Head, 504HD 
•    Head, 804RC2
•    Light Stands, 1005BAC x4 
•    Light Stands, 1051BAC x4 
•    Roller Bag, 70 
•    Bag, Lino PRO Vll Roller Black
•    Background Kit, 1314B with bag
•    DADO Kit, MSY0580A
•    Umbrellas and Softboxes
•    D3 fx body        
•    D800 body        
•    80-200mm AF f/2.8ED    
•    17-35mm AF–S f/2.8 D    
•    24-70mm f/2.8 D-AFS    
•    105mm AF Micro f/2.8D    
•    14-24mm AF-S f/2.8ED        
•    2 SB-900 Speedlight Flashes     
•    Plus cables, spare parts, Gary Fong Speed Light attachments, Memory Cards CF and SD    
•    Hero 3    
•    Hero 4

Lisa Saad, our WPPI Member of the Month, is an accomplished advertising and commercial photographer, as well as a shooting DOP with over 29 years of experience in image development, creation and delivery. The 2015 Victorian and Australian Professional Commercial Photographer of the Year (as well as the Australian Professional Ambassador for Manfrotto and an ILFORD Master) owns and operates two photographic businesses from her studio in Melbourne, Australia: Lisa Saad Photographer is aimed at high-end advertising and corporate clients seeking new and groundbreaking imagery, while Gotham is an online prepaid photography service that supplies functional high-end photography to B2B clients across Australia; it’s also a learning and mentoring portal for those wanting to increase their skill set in photography and maintain and run a photographic business. 

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