14 of This Year's Best Photography Books

Here's what to read now (and gift to that photo lover in your life).

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© Sandro Miller

Sandro Miller: The Pundit of Portraiture

The photographer behind the viral “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” project discusses his legacy and what’s ahead for him in the world of filmmaking. 

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© Thierry Joubert

Editor's Pick: Thierry Joubert's Foray into Fashion

A wedding photographer discovers a new form of creative expression shooting for Atelier Anonyme.
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© Ken Shung

Where Art Meets Commerce: Ken Shung for Paul Stuart

An advertising and editorial photographer discusses his most recent creative collaboration with Paul Stuart.
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© Patrick James Miller

Patrick James Miller: A Master of His Environment

A painter-turned-photographer finds his place shooting celebrity and environmental portraits for big-time New York magazines.


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© Jacqueline Harriet

Editor's Pick: Jacqueline Harriet's True Colors

Behind the fashion photographer's personal project sessions with portrait subject and celebrity impersonator Michele Marzano.
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Courtesy of Kristi Drago-Price

The Entrepreneurs: Exploring the Business Opps of Photography

Spotlighting photographers and other industry leaders who've endeavored to benefit their colleagues, clients and brand.
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© Don Hudson

The Archived Life of Don Hudson

As Grand-prize winner of Rangefinder's alternative processes contest, Don Hudson receives a profile to honor his work and most representative images.
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© Deborah Feingold

Exhibit This: October's Shows, Books and Photo News

A photo book of music icons, of long-lasting LGBTQ couples, a show by Moby and more this month.
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© Heidi Lender

Once Upon: Heidi Lender's Stand in Self-Portraiture

A fine-art photographer's personal weekly photo project that combines fashion, design and a faithful pooch.
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© Sol Neelman

Weird Sports: A New Book and Photo Essay by Sol Neelman

Sol Neelman continues his escapades capturing the surprising, hilarious and enthralling world of oddball athletics.

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© Cheryl Walsh

Cheryl Walsh's Floating World of Underwater Senior Portraits

Teenagers graduating from high school serve as muses for one photographer’s underwater portraits.

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© Aaron Ruell

Aaron Ruell, Moving Beyond "The Napoleon Dynamite Guy"

The actor and director who rose to fame after a supporting role in the cult film Napoleon Dynamite asserts himself as an artist commenting on the quirks of America.

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© Weronika Kosińska

Photographer You Should Know: Weronika Kosińska

This Polish fashion shooter not only takes on editorial and commercial work, but also began “Humans of Cracow.”

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