© Weronika Kosińska

Photographer You Should Know: Weronika Kosińska

This Polish fashion shooter not only takes on editorial and commercial work, but also began “Humans of Cracow.”

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© Sasha Rudensky

Sasha Rudensky: Photographing Post-Soviet Culture

Sasha Rudensky finds enlightening subjects in former Soviet region.
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Photo © Lucia Herrero

Lucia Herrero: Photographer You Should Know

Barcelona, Spain-based photographer Lucia Herrero is a master at composing portraits of strangers in their found environments and adding strobe lighting to produce vivid images that examine human relationships—with a fantastic twist.

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Photo © Elizabeth Leitzell

Double Vision: Photographers Balance Parallel Businesses

Can you successfully pursue more than one photographic career at a time? Three pros explain how they do it. 

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© John Hishin

International School Sports Photography—Sports-Mad in South Africa

In South Africa, Super Bowl Sunday is child’s play, and photographers like John Hishin are diving lens first into the prodigious school sports scene.
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© Jonathan Auch

Street Photography's Renaissance Man

Candid subway shots and street documentary, Jonathan Auch is June's Photographer You Should Know.

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Peter Hurley

The Model's Photographer: Peter Hurley

Legendary portrait and headshot photographer Peter Hurley shares his portrait photography pointers.

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Scott Markewitz

Our Favorite Images of the Year

Rangefinder’s staff members thought it would be fun to each choose our single favorite image published in the magazine in 2012, and share why we found it so special. Our picks show the range of tastes and themes that speak to us as individuals.

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Harvey Stein

The Prolific Harvey Stein

The New York-based photographer has led a rich photographic life, and has much to show for it, including his recent book documenting an iconic Brooklyn landmark.

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Eliot Dudik

Photo Finish: On the Road Again

Fine art photographer Eliot Dudik photographs life on the road with his 4 x 5 camera.

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Edward Keating

Vowing to Be Different

Photojournalist Edward Keating brings street photography to the wedding hall.

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Marty O'Grady

When I was in School...

In honor of fall and our back-to-school issue, we asked six leading photographers about their time spent in the classroom—lessons learned, obstacles overcome (and their favorite ways to procrastinate). Read on to learn their various paths to careers in photography.

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Photo: Roberto Valenzuela/ Mural: Android Jones

May 2012 Insight

My favorite part of this past February’s WPPI 2012 was watching the Print Competition; it was fascinating to hear the judges’ comments, and how they all worked together to score print entries.

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August Bradley

April 2012 Insight

This month, our focus is on lighting—technique, approach and the equipment to help get you there. Obviously, lighting and photography go hand in hand, and many photographers who establish themselves in this industry become known for their unique lighting techniques.

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