© Art Streiber

Editor's Pick: The Double Act by Art Streiber

The celebrity portrait photographer tackles the comically complex relationship between these two characters of HBO's Veep.

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© Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw: From Zoologist to Conceptual Portrait Photographer

This Australian expat discusses his rollercoaster path to a budding filmmaking career.

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© Horia Manolache

Editor's Pick: The Chairs by Horia Manolache

A Romanian photographer imagines what chairs would look like in human form, and vice versa.
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© Pari Dukovic

On My Radar: Color Crunch

Shutterbug Magazine editor-in-chief Dan Havlik talks about why Pari Dukovic's work sticks out to him.
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© Christopher Makos

Light Reading: The Cool and the Colorless

The books to watch this month are Christopher Makos' mastery of black-and-white in colorful places, plus odes to modern young womanhood and to the evolving male identity.

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© Nick Fancher

Lighting on the Fly

How Nick Fancher's run-and-gun shooting style, studio-less savvy and unique application of color and shadow have given him an edge.
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Isabella Bejarano

Editor's Pick: 
Isabella Bejarano's Graphic Portraits

Achok Majak serves as the model for this stark, black-and-white series. 

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© Lou Freeman

Flawless and Fabulous: Lou Freeman's Rundown of Four Glamour Shots

The Atlanta-based fashion photographer, director and educator seamlessly combines lighting, hair, makeup, jewelry and beautiful models.

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© Gustavo Marx

Gustavo Marx: The Making of a Brazilian Fashion Photographer

On creativity, collaboration and cultivating connections in a cutthroat industry.

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© Lara Jade

© Matthew Jordan Smith

Skin Deep Beauty: Enhancing and Flattering Any Skin Tone [Photo Gallery]

When it comes to beauty portraits, famed lensman Matthew Jordan Smith has perfected the art.

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© Hideaki Hamada

"Haru and Mina" by Hideaki Hamada, A Father's Photographic Ode to His Children

A chat with Osaka-based photographer Hideaki Hamada about the heartwarming photo series of his children. 

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Light Reading: New Year, New Book Titles

Boudoir, Palm Beach and meditation (but not all at once).

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© Sandro Miller

Sandro Miller: The Pundit of Portraiture

The photographer behind the viral “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” project discusses his legacy and what’s ahead for him in the world of filmmaking. 

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