© Jerry Ghionis

How Jerry Ghionis Captured Vision For Bride and Groom Portrait In-Camera

The wedding photographer shares how he thought outside the box.

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© Stephanie Cotta

Posing Newborn Twins: How Stephanie Cotta Does It

Having newborn babies as photo subjects can be tricky, but posing two newborns at once? That's a different kind of quagmire.

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© The Stork and the Beanstalk Photography

How Spontaneity and Serendipity Were a Family Photographer's Best Friend

Ashley Jennett took a bit of a leap when she snapped this shot—and it worked.

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© Cliff Mautner

What's in Your Bag, Cliff Mautner?

For this wedding photographer, there's no such thing as overpacking.

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© Paul Ernest

© Christaan Felber

Christaan Felber Shoots the Searingly Soulful Voice Behind Alabama Shakes

The music and commercial photographer talks how he gained trust and access.

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© Art Streiber

Editor's Pick: The Double Act by Art Streiber

The celebrity portrait photographer tackles the comically complex relationship between these two characters of HBO's Veep.

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© Andy Owen

Getting That Genuine Cinematic Look with DSLR Video

It takes the right recipe of camera settings, movement, lighting and post processing.

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© Jason Groupp

What Are the Elements of an Awesome Photo?

With WPPI-C in full swing, here are some things to keep in mind.
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© Joseph Victor Stefanchik

The "Professor of Precision" on Lighting to Attain In-Camera Perfection

D.C.-based wedding and editorial photographer Joseph Victor Stefanchik explains why his success is owed to his penchant for preparation. 

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Chris Crumley Productions, Inc.

A Buzz in the Air: Keeping Up With the Evolution of Aerial Photography

As the popularity of drones takes flight, helpful tips, regulations and safety advice will help you rise to the top. 

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© Alexis Cuarezma

What's in Your Bag, Alexis Cuarezma?

Lighting gear is the name of this photographer's game.

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Light Reading: Reaching Your Goals Creatively and Cinematically

A book roundup of titles that are sure to motivate and instruct, regardless of the still or moving medium.

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© Sam Hurd

Editor's Pick: Rainbow Connection

Sam Hurd rethinks lighting his wedding couples.

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