© John Rettie

Getting Started on Time-Lapse

A breakdown of the time-lapse tools and techniques to know from the get-go.
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© Jen Rozenbaum

Hip Action: Boudoir Posing Tricks from Jen Rozenbaum

A seasoned boudoir pro divulges her eight points of posing.
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© Chris + Lynn

Quick Photo Fixes for That Harsh Midday Sun

Five wedding photographers explain how they deal with direct sunlight.

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© Ars Magna Studio

Posing Same-Sex Couples Thoughtfully and Creatively

The authors behind The New Art of Capturing Love make helpful points you may not have thought of before.

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© Pacific Pictures

Same-Day Editing with Kevin Shahinian

A pro of same-day edit videos reveals his fast-paced workflow and some helpful tips to remember before you endeavor.
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© Alexis Cuarezma

On the Ball: How to Set Up and Light Impactful Sports Shots

Alexis Cuarezma breaks down two of his sports setups—one with the World Cup's U.S. soccer team and the other with a group of high school stars.
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Bryan Caporicci

Seal the Deal: Catering to a Potential Client's Five Senses

Getting the job takes more than showing off your photos—clients pay attention to your whole studio's environment, and how you present yourself.
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© Eddie Tapp

Color Calibration Cracked Open

Don't shy away from calibrating your devices—color management guru Eddie Tapp explains why it's essential (and how easy it is, too).

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© Élan Klein

The (Surprisingly Doable) Workflow of a Film Shooter

Living the life of a film-only photographer isn't as demanding as you might think.
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© Miana Jun

Finessing Flawless Food and Detail Photography

Miana Jun dishes tips on how to make the table setting, food and reception's atmosphere look spectacular.
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10 Surefire Ways to Get Found Online

The founder of the Get Found With Fuse Program breaks down how to harness your online presence.
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© Justin & Mary Marantz

Overcoming 6 Dark Venue Challenges

Justin and Mary Marantz lay out low-light wedding scenarios with easy-to-follow solutions.

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© Jason Groupp

Photo Business Tips: How to Harness Efficiency and Stay Organized

The director of WPPI asks some photographers how they stay organized and keep the money flowing.
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© Ken Drake

Dramatic Wild Animal Portraits: Ken Drake's How To

Animal portraiture master Ken Drake breaks down how he shot Charlie the parrot, Brooklyn the frog and Luka the bat.
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