© Jason Groupp

Photo Business Tips: How to Harness Efficiency and Stay Organized

The director of WPPI asks some photographers how they stay organized and keep the money flowing.
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© Ken Drake

Dramatic Wild Animal Portraits: Ken Drake's How To

Animal portraiture master Ken Drake breaks down how he shot Charlie the parrot, Brooklyn the frog and Luka the bat.
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© Jeff Rojas

High Fashion, Small Market: How to Shoot Editorial Anywhere

Putting together a high-fashion editorial is possible, no matter where you live.

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© Rob Greer

How to Master Your Online Marketing Strategy (Plus 10 SEO Need-to-Knows)

Photographer and online expert Rob Greer breaks down the basics of understanding and applying online marketing to your business.
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© Sue Bryce

Branding with Blair: How to Set Yourself Apart with Strong Marketing Strategies

A Q&A with a 30 Rising Stars nominator on making an impactful site, attracting clients and getting published.

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© Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy on How to Create Light with Off-Camera Flash

Wedding photographer Vanessa Joy breaks down how she used her off-camera flash in one scenario to turn natural light into a dreamscape.

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© Logan Cole

How to Convert Instagram Followers into Dollars

So you want your Instagram feed to boost your photo business? Find out how these savvy shooters did just that.

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© Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Filmmaking for Wedding Photographers

So you want to be a filmmaker? Three established filmmakers speak on the essential tenets of photography and how to add these eight attributes to your movie-making repertoire. 

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Photography Business Tips and Resources

NinetyNine Beans shares the answers to the top three photography business questions, plus a list of resources.

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Setting the Price: How to Charge for Photography Services

What's the best method for pricing and packaging your photography products and services? Three photographers share their strategies. 

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© Kelly Brown

Newborn Portrait Tips from Kelly Brown

Little Pieces Photography founder Kelly Brown has made a name for herself capturing portraits of sleeping newborns and babies. 

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How To Create A Slow-Motion Photo Booth (And What it Can Add to Your Business)

We break down the slow-motion technique, and talk to a few photographers who are trying out the medium with their own methods.

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© Joey L.

6 Lighting Set-ups, 4 Photography Masters

In the cover story from our January issue, Michael Grecco, Joey L., Gregory Heisler and Phil Borges go behind-the-scenes of some of their most well-lit portraits.

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Photo © Elizabeth Leitzell

Double Vision: Photographers Balance Parallel Businesses

Can you successfully pursue more than one photographic career at a time? Three pros explain how they do it. 

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