Wedding Photographers Cover Fashion Week

February 15, 2013

By RF Staff

This week, Jason Groupp and I had coffee with three wedding photographers who were in town covering the always-aspirational #NYFW. Loving this! Fashion photography is a huge inspiration in my daily life because it combines photojournalism, fine art and beauty, so when I see it reflected in wedding photography, I perk up a little.

Frontrow Couture show, Metro Pavillion © Mandie Haberman

Not only does street photography and being in "the pit" help hone your wedding-day snap reflexes, but as Jana Williams put it, when her (24,000) Facebook and (9,600) Instagram followers see haute couture in her various streams, her value as a wedding photographer spikes up. Check out some of the shots Jana, Mandie Haberman and Zabrina Deng captured this week. Anyone else cover cover fashion photography as a tool in your wedding work?

Finale at the DVF Show © JeZa Photography

Street photography on Columbus Ave © JeZa Photography

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Show © JeZa Photography

Street photography outside Lincoln Center © Jana Williams

Malan Breton show, Pier 59 Studios © Mandie Haberman

Zuzu Kim private presentation, Empire Hotel © Mandie Haberman

Photography legend Bill Cunningham © Jana Williams Photography

View Zabrina Deng's complete NYFW album here.