Olympus to add Dual Cores?

July 5, 2011

By RF Staff

Micro Four Thirds cameras continue to muddy the question of why you'd want anything bigger—Olympus' successor to the E-P2 possibly being in the vanguard. The new little giant's got a major spec bump, and a gorgeous new body.

The PEN E-P3's sensor packs the same megapixelage as its predecessor (12), but it's less noisy. The EP-3's got extremely speedy autofocusing and shutter speeds (what felt like twice as fast as my E-P2), 1080i video, a peppy OLED touchscreen, and, yes two processing cores. This means your photos are chomped in parallel, spitting data to your memory card and display simultaneously, allowing for extremely snappy photography. It felt great—one of the most responsive cameras I've ever had my hands on. Click here to read more. [gizmodo]