Adorama Introduces Portable Flashpoint II Monolights

October 24, 2011

By RF Staff

Adorama (New York City, NY, recently rolled out Flashpoint II monolights, the second generation of its bestselling line. The new monolights plug straight into an outlet, or can be used on location using Adorama’s dedicated NiMH battery pack. They include the Flashpoint II 320M, a 150-watt/second unit; the Flashpoint II 620M, a 300-watt/second unit; and the Flashpoint II 1220M, a 600-watt/second unit. The 320M delivers up to 180 full-power “pops” on a single charge, the 620M up to 100 full-power pops, and the 1220M up to 65 full-power pops. Prices start at under $200.